Saturday, May 03, 2008

SOBCon08 - live blogging - David Bullock

David Bullock

"What can you tell the kids that will help them get a 10 year head start?"

His "Business development action plan"

take your content and put it into a medium so that they will monetize it, not can, will

no money will move before the communication piece is in place


s = strategy
he is where I am, here is where they are, here is where I need to take them
get them into a future that they would like to have

"The Twenty Master Plots"

story, get the story right, everything else will start to move

t - tactics
how do you reach your clients?
if your market is not on the internet, then don't blog

a - action
start doing something, see what works, if it does continue, if it doesn't stop

r - results
what results are you looking for?
did you get the opt in, yes or no?
did you get the sale, yes or no?
the online medium is the only place where he has been able to see exactly what has happened for the entire time the visitor spent on your page

t - tracking
crazyaid, little piece of java code
track first, then test
google website optimizer
google analytics

doesn't really get into that because it is not real-time

"transaction velocity" David created the phrase

develop the process map
1 - speak/write the process
2 - determine the outcome of every step
3 - set the sequence
4 - do the process (yes, critical as this proves the process!)
5 - refine the process
6 - rinse, repeat

what do you need to do this? low tech
1 - yellow pad
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 - Microsoft Excel

your marketing channels
1 - your customers (permission marketing)
2 - your list (aweber)
3 - your identity
4 - your successes
5 - internet
6 - offline

if you don't talk about your successes online, no one else will

internet nothing but a media, if you make it more than that, you will never be able to take it to your advantage

What are they saying?

1 - about you
2 - about your service
3 - about your results
4 - about your company

these are comments and feedback, listen to them


  1. Thanks for the link to Gliffy! Let us know if you have feedback to make our program more applicable for your needs,
    debik at gliffy dot com

  2. Thank You Steve for the summary of my business development preso. To compress 2 hours into 15 minutes was an intersting exercise for sure. As I am reading your post I am pulling out the important parts to see how I can make them better.

    Hope to see you at the next conference.

  3. You are most welcome David. You did a good job getting from 2 hrs to 15 mins. It was definitely tight and to the point.

    If you get to New England sometime, let me know.