Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rapid Fire Learning - May flowers a blooming

Yes, it is that time again; time to look back at what learning opportunities there have been this wonderful month of May. April Groves kicks off this event at Joyful Jubilant Learning with the following loaded clip from the latest Rocky. Loaded because, well if you haven't seen this Rocky yet (and I haven't) Stallone has a bunch of quotable lines packed into this 2 minute clip:

So what have I learned this month?

1 - Focus: there are so many opportunities, paths to follow, I need to prioritize and follow one. I can not continue to be as spread about as I am. I have enjoyed the variety but there is only so much time to go around. Stay tuned as you will see the results of the forthcoming decision some time in the next several weeks.

2 - Community: the importance of community was reinforced multiple times this month. SOBCon08 was a rewarding experience meeting so many folks that had only been words on a blog, or email, or tweets. These words now took on a bodily form, fleshed out into a real personality with such rich layers to explore.

3 - Mentoring: a special form of learning environment somewhat related to coaching but without the monetary transaction. I am on the steering committee for the company's internal program. The recent trip to Denver to met with others using the same software application to manage the matching and relationship process brought new connections and reinforcement of key concepts (like community).

4 - Commencement: my oldest daughter graduated this month. Going back to my alma mater some 32 years after my own graduation brought back all kinds of memories and re-opened areas of thought into a different light. A significant milestone, one that was well prepared for, but awakening none-the-less when it finally arrives. A trigger to the sense of focus and community discussions stirring in my gray matter.

5 - Fear: living on the edge. I learned many years ago (as a substitute teacher) to harness the butterflies when speaking in front of a group. There is good energy in that fear. Harnessing it can produce wonderful results; some planned for, some not quite so planned for. Life is not fully planned (i.e. Rocky's clip) it happens when you take action. It happens in reaction to your actions. Living on the edge is a constant adjustment. "We always have to be scared to death," said project manager Barry Goldstein. "The minute we lose fear is the minute that we stop looking for the next problem." Quote source.

This does not mean that I am strapping on a para-glider and looking for the nearest cliff. It does mean I'll taking some daring steps.

What have you learned? What will you do with your learning?


  1. A wonderful RFL sharing this month Steve; I can't wait to hear of that forthcoming decision you have hinted at!

  2. Thanks Rosa. You'll be amongst those to find out as soon as it is made.