Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dandelion hunting

It was a late night at the School Committee meeting Tuesday. The Town Council scheduled their special meeting Wednesday at 6:00 PM (normally 7:00 PM) for the override vote. I needed to hustle off the train to make it to the Town Council chambers in time.

The meeting lasted all of 35 minutes. There was NO discussion on the amount of the override. There was some discussion on Tuesday versus Saturday and the decision ended up remaining with the "standard don't rock the boat" Tuesday election day.

Meeting adjourned, I headed home. First, the garbage barrels needed to be collected, then the mail retrieved. I noticed some dandelions popping up here and there. I had already gone hunting on Sunday morning but clearly some were hiding then waiting to show up now.

Garden poker in hand, small bucket in another, I went a hunting.

Have you ever hunted dandelions?

Better to catch them early before they bloom and change to their white puffs which catch the wind and spread to create a cycle of more dandelions.

Dandelion hunting is good for leaving the day behind. You slip the poker into the ground at the center of the dandelion, gently work the poker below ground until you feel the root reaching deep, then using the lever power of the poker, break the root below ground and remove the dandelion whole, depositing it into the bucket and move on.

If I had taken time to get out of my work clothes this would have been good to do on my knees. Crouching and moving around from dandelion to dandelion. As I was still dressed, I simply bent over and plucked them one by one.

This helped to ground me, to leave work, the commute, and the amazingly short Town Council meeting behind as I entered the house, confident that another dandelion battle has been won!

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  1. Mr.'s Stephanie McCaffrey (campus minister) from Assumption. I would like to share that your wonderful daughter, Allie, taught me this technique for "lion hunting" and even GAVE me one of her (many?) pokers (conveniently in the trunk of her car) so that I could use it to remove the many dandelions in our yard!

    I woke up this morning, took a walk, returned to the house, grabbed the poker, and went to work. I gave myself 30 minutes but then kept giving myself more time (it became a little addictive). It was actually very gratifying.

    SO, thank you for teaching this technique to your daughter, who then passed it on to this Floridian, who never had dandelions in her yard growing up. I look forward to more hunting in the days ahead! :-)