Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lessons from experience - Scott Berkun

Scott Berkun, independent now for four years outlines a number of the things he has learned while being independent. For example, he writes:
  • Network is everything. Independence is a funny word. Yes, I am my own boss, but because I’m solo I have a huge network of people I depend on to make a living (including you, dear blog reader). For writing it includes publishers, editors, illustrators, and most amazingly, people willing to spend money to read things I write. For speaking, it includes corporations, conferences, and individuals who spread the word about my talents in front of crowds: all of whom I need to get new engagements and keep this going. To be on my own actually means my fate depends on more people than it did in a corporate job, it’s just a more diffuse dependence.
Read more of what Scott learned and see if some of these can help you.

Note: I did have the opportunity to hear Scott in person; he is good. I did read his book, The Myths of Innovation. It is well written. I thought I had done a book review of it but apparently not although I did write this. I guess a review needs to be on my "to do" listing.

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