Thursday, March 27, 2008

Override Central starts a tally

If you were following the trials and tribulations in Franklin last year as the budget season progressed and Franklin passed its first operational override on May 22, you can fasten your seat belt for some sort of ride this time around as well.

The school budget is facing a shortfall of $3.2M to provide "level service". If forced to stay short, then the high performing district that Franklin is will likely start a decline. 45 teachers would be cut to meet the shortfall. In the School Committee meeting on Tuesday 3/25/08, there was at least one mention that the focus Franklin has placed on school size has driven its success in the MCAS scores.

Hence, an increase school class size (cutting 45 teachers) will decrease the MCAS scores.

Exactly what will happen to the overall budget still remains to be determined.

To follow the story of the Franklin budget this year, subscribe to Franklin Matters.

The Boston Globe's Override Central is getting active again. Subscribe there for what is happening to other communities around the commonwealth.

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