Friday, March 07, 2008

Calcium and proper workouts

While Passionate Runner is in hibernation, I will keep running and writing, just not as many places as I previously did. So I was catching up with Runner's World and found Amby Burfoot's article on the latest research in the physical limitations for the marathon. It is not lactic acid but a break down in the calcium delivery channels.

You can read the details here.

What really caught my eye was his summary:
That still leaves us a proven path to faster marathons: Train long, recover appropriately, run some workouts at your goal pace. When you do this, your body naturally makes all the right biochemistry decisions and adjustments for you. It optimizes your utilization of lactic acid and calcium ions, and you can run longer and faster.
Train long (that is the distance day), recover appropriately (that could be interpreted as running every other day), and run some workouts at your goal pace. Gee, doesn't all that sound like the FIRST Plan?

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