Monday, March 10, 2008

100 Miles

My log book tells me that I completed 100 miles so far this year. Yes, 100 miles over 25 days running mostly 3 days per week. This works out to an average of exactly four miles per day although my past week was more like normal and reflects how the average really works out.

Tuesday evening - 3
Friday early morning - 2
Sunday morning - 7

I am still getting back into condition. Ideally as Daylight Savings will allow more time to run during the light at night, I'll build to go 3-6 on Tuesday with the tempo run. 3-5 on Thursday with some pace work on the track. Then close the week with 7-10 on a long run on Sunday.

Once a month, maybe a road race (5K mostly) to add some travel and spice to the run.

I like to say that my job pays the bills. Which allows me to run for my physical health and write for my mental health to keep the cycle going.

Do you exercise regularly?
What do you do for exercise?

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