Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Franklin Line Signal Map - MBTA

The MBTA has a 1 MB PDF version of this map on their website that takes some time to down load on the new WiFi connection.

This is a 74 KB version of the same map.

Do you think this would be quicker to download?

As I read some of the "fine print" Frequently Asked Questions these jump out:

Q: Does T Wi-Fi Commuter Rail Connect offer virus protection and security?
A: No, we do not. It is the customer′s responsibility to prepare a laptop or wireless internet device for secure internet usage. The MBTA is not responsible for any damages or security breaches.

Q: Can I download large files?
A: We recommend that you use T Wi-Fi Commuter Rail Connect for simple web services. Downloading or emailing large file attachments may result in the loss of the file.

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