Thursday, February 07, 2008

"About a dream" - Steve Forbert


Dogs chase cars and men chase dreams
And the dog is the more practical it seems
But a dream can help a person to get up and out of bed
And for this I’d say there’s certainly still a lot that can be said

About a dream – up in your mind
Something you wish – hoping to find
About a dream – something you want
Maybe you need – maybe you don’t
About a dream, dream

(Well) Seeds takes root but fruit takes time
And a dream can’t grow if it dies on the vine
So you gotta keep it goin’ with a steady ray of sun
And a daily drop of rain and you could well get something done


All in favor say, "yeah"
All in favor say, "fine"
Take your dream anywhere
It’s all in your mind

Well you chase yours and I’ll chase mine
And I hope our dreams will meet up on the boulevard sometime
And I hope we’ll both be happy if the dreams we dream come true
And I hope as well we don’t just wind up bitter sad and blue


Lyrcis from Steve Forbert's website

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