Saturday, January 12, 2008

Franklin: Forensic Report

It will take me some time to complete making sections of the recording from the joint Town Council and School Committee meeting held this past Wednesday. As the sections are completed they will be posted to Franklin Matters.

The full 138 page report is available on the Franklin home page with a note that after a couple of days it will move to a page within the School section. I recommend reading this to all Franklin residents. It is not easy to understand but the audio sections to listen to, that should help you make sense of what is covered in the report.

As a Franklin resident and tax payer, I am approaching this with three questions in mind:

1 - Does the explanation of the deficit make sense?

2 - Do the recommendations address each of the issues raised in the report in an appropriate and sustaining manner? (Will these steps prevent future issues?)

3 - Are there any questions that were not answered by the report?

I suggest that as you review the report, you answer these three questions for yourself. I will share my answers as soon as I complete the audio sections.

I look forward to the discussion around these questions and answers.

Updated: The full audit report is available on the Franklin Schools page (left menu item) or via this link (PDF). Note, the PDF file is quite large, it may be slow opening depending upon your connection.

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