Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Clever Commute - Rules of the Road

The Rules of the Road as outlined by the folks from Clever Commute (and learned from experience in the NY/NJ arena).

Rules of the road (please keep these in mind):

  • The e-mails we send to each other are meant to be Alerts regarding the commute
  • Fit your entire message in the Subject line
  • Provide context on the stations involved (e.g., 6:16 from Penn to Montclair…)
  • You should assume “no news = good news” (don’t send a mail to the group asking “how are things on the so-and-so line?”). It’s OK if there are no mails for days and days
  • We encourage our riders to sign-up of any alerts from their providers…and don’t feel a need to re-send them to Clever Commuters (since We encourage our riders…)
  • Relax, enjoy, participate…set a filter
    While there will certainly be the mail sent that you think is a waste, there will definitely be plenty of info shared that proves to be truly irreplaceable.
  • There is a pattern to these new lists: At first there are experiments and mistakes,…but it settles into a normalcy. Please be patient and remember we are helping each other.
I include the link to their site so as any changes occur, the "master copy" can be found here.

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