Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas 2007 - fans

Christmas 2007 - fans, originally uploaded by shersteve.

One of several gifts that were created via or SnapFish, or one of the now many options for using your own photos.

This teddy (he is cute!) wears a simple sweat shirt adorned with the photo of Allison and Carolyn at the Beckham game back in August. Upload photo, pick object, pay with credit card, await delivery.

How simple is that!

Tree ornaments, coffee mugs, stationary, calendars.... the list of items is seemingly endless.

The calendar, in particular, is a gift that the family has created for my father since either 1992 or 1993. Some of us are kicking ourselves that we only made one of those each year. Dad keeps them all. He diligently uses the calendar for his scheduling. The photo archive now is quite extensive.

And so many stories! (background, there are six children each with kids so Jerry has thirteen grandchildren. Each sibling gets two photos in the calendar to fill out the year.) We call these "Papa photos" and there will be times during the year when it would be good to take a "Papa photo". So Dad's calendar has not only photos of his grandchildren but of them in different places, doing different things.... so many stories. Actually I should develop this further for a post on Jerry's Story sometime.

What gift did you receive or what gift did you give that was similarly "hand crafted"?

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