Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rapid Fire Learning

It is that time of month again when one can stop, and reflect on what has happened, and realize how much we have learned amidst all that has transpired.

1 - Franklin Matters - I split off my writing about Franklin, MA to a new blog. No, it does not go counter to my move for simplicity, I think it actually helps it. I love that the focus on Franklin Matters will be all things Franklin. Steve's 2 Cents will revert to being the combination of the rest of me not already covered elsewhere.

2 - If we but look around us, how much can we find? I found "All things Sherlock" and my namesake is archaeologist with a major Anglo-Saxon find. There is another Franklin Matters, about Franklin, TN.

3 - Podcast feed problems can be tricky. Especially when the root cause was a single desktop system somewhere that was attempting to down load two of my podcasts multiple times but only partly each time. Since the number of times exceeded 18,000 in each case, it must have been some rogue program and not someone who listened to the sound of my voice. :-)

4 - Collaboration creates new words. Troy Worman started his On! Blog Meme. I added a few and posted it on Thanksgiving as a link love post, Connie Reece called it "Thankslinking". How cool is that!

5 - 19 syllables is sometimes all that is necessary to condense a book. I found several good quotes from Madeleine L'Engles' book A Circle of Quiet which I sprinkled around here, here, here and here. Then after finishing the book one night, I laid down to go to sleep and found my mind racing. I leaped up to write those thoughts down before they disappeared into the ether or where ever they go and ended up with this.

What did you learn this month?

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