Friday, October 12, 2007

Town Council Candidate Information

As a follow up to the "All in Favor" article published earlier this week, I found a timely article summarizing some of the 14 Town Council candidates' positions. Michael Morton performs his excellent reporting in this recap in this week's Franklin Gazette.

This election will be a important one to help determine Franklin's future. Depending upon who you listen to or believe, there is likely to be additional override possibilities in the years ahead. Understanding the positions of the candidates for this election will be critical.

Be informed.

Cast an informed ballot.

Paraphrasing the All In Favor flyer for a Town Council position (instead of a School Committee position) we would find:

The Right Person Makes a Difference

What qualities, skills, and experience should you look for in a town council candidate? Here
are some questions to consider.
• What are the candidate's vision and goals for making Franklin a good place to live and raise a family.
• Does the candidate inspire residents and other stakeholders to have confidence in the local
• Does the candidate understand that the Town Council's role is about the big picture—
setting the direction for the community, and providing oversight and accountability—rather
than day-to-day management?
• Does the candidate focus on one issue or discuss a broad range of local concerns?
• Does the candidate's approach make it likely that he or she will be able to work
effectively with the rest of the board and town officials to get things done?
• Will the candidate enhance the mix of skills and backgrounds on the board and help
represent the diversity of the community?
• Does the candidate have the commitment to do what is right for all residents, even in the
face of opposition?

Will any of these 14 candidates meet these guidelines?

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