Friday, October 26, 2007

South Station People Watching

Waiting for the next train home, sitting here in South Station, being geeky with my laptop open and cruising the network. People watching is a good pasttime here.

A father and son with son's friend have come from some Halloween party. The boys 5-6 years old are dressed in costumes and enjoying exploring their bags of candy. As they get up to head for the train platform, they discover a hole in one bag as candy and other items slips out and over the floor. Fortunately they notice so they can pick it all up. I want my stuff one says. Then the schedule board does it shuffle thing as it moves the commuter train schedule to the left and top of the board. Forget the candy on the floor! The boys are enchanted by this clicking and movement.

But it ends all too soon.

There is more candy to gather and then they head for the platform. The boys still taking about the schedule board. Did you see that! Wasn't that cool!

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