Sunday, October 21, 2007

Override Central - catching up

I have been behind on the news in Override Central so here is what has happened recently:

1 - One of the ways budget specialists want to cut costs is to steer city and town employees into cheaper state run insurance plan. But the towns are slow to embrace the idea. Check here for more
2 - Amesbury voters will get a chance to consider a tax cut. Town officials are divided over the proposed $1-million tax cut that goes before voters Nov. 6. Read more in Globe North.
3 - In Bolton, selectmen have voted to support a $5.7 million property tax increase to pay for a new public safety center, said Town Administrator Jodi Ross.

The proposed increase, as a debt-exclusion override of Proposition 2 1/2, is scheduled to go before voters at a Nov. 5 Special Town Meeting, More here

4 - Milford's Board of Selectmen has imposed a budget moratorium, mandating cuts in expenses and a search for more cost-effective means to pay for major projects, like an renovation of the local Armory and a proposed replacement of Milford High School's emergency generator. More in the article here

High school generator replacement? Sounds like Franklin doesn't it?

5 - Winchester is well known for its creative ways of financing its schools. But now the town northwest of Boston is facing a tussle over crowding at one of its schools. More in the full article here

6 - One town went to the junkyard to get engines for its police cars. Another laid off 30 workers. Another hit up businesses for $30,000 to keep the local senior center open.

In the towns south of Boston, failures of several Prop 2 1/2 override requests have hit hard, according to a Chris Wallgren article in Globe South Thursday. Full article here

7 - Should non-profits pay property taxes?
A really good question. Especially as the real problem is for communities to expand the tax base.

Override Central is a decent source of info on the local tax situations. I just wish they would update the calendar in their left column. It still references the override schedule from April through May. Come on folks! That is OLD NEWS.

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