Thursday, October 11, 2007

Franklin: Special Education Costs

School Committee Chairman, Jeffrey Roy, wrote on the School Committee blog:

The question on special education is not whether we should provide the services. We have a moral obligation to do so, and it is the right thing to do for these children and their families. The question is, however, who should pay. Currently, the burden is left to municipalities like Franklin, and that taxes our limited resources. The only way to meet these budget needs is through property tax overrides — an unpopular choice.

There are potential solutions, however. First, we can demand that Congress increase the funding as promised back in 1975. Second, we can request that the state fund special education transportation. Currently, the state provides no help in that area. And third, we can attempt to keep more special education students in district by expanding program offerings. Franklin has been successful in this third area, but we need more support from the federal and state government.

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