Monday, October 08, 2007

Driveway Signs

On our walk Sunday morning, the driveway signs for the new medical center building on the corner of King and Union caught my eye.

Top sign: Dolores and I are walking across the street by the Tedeschi's. The sign to the left says "Do not enter". The second sign (to the right) says "One Way Do Not Enter". But the arrow on the driveway pavement is inbound.

What is the one way?

Bottom sign: If you were approaching via King with the building on your right (Union ahead of you, Tedeschi's to your left), the sign says "Enter Here".

So I guess it is a one way entrance that way but not an entrance from the other direction.

The pavement has the incoming arrow and also "Entrance Only" painted on it so drivers in the parking lot should not come out that way. The drivers attempting a left turn can be confused. The drivers attempting a right turn would not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Seems to me there would have been another way to make this less confusing.

What do you think?

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