Friday, September 07, 2007

PodCamp Boston 2 - fund raising

PodCamp Boston, isn't that an unconference?


Isn't it free?


Why is PodCamp looking for money then?

Recall the economic adage: TANSTAFL? There ain't no such thing as a free lunch! Someone still need to pay.

What do we need to provide for?

Well, here’s what. First, the venue is paid for by VON - thank you to Jeff Pulver and the VON conference for their venue sponsorship valued at $50,000. The only reason PodCamp can be held at the Boston Convention and Expo Center is due to their generosity. However, their sponsorship covers the venue and insurance, but we still need to bring in money for things like Internet access ($3,500 PER LINE), electrical outlets (yes, venues like the BCEC charge per outlet), plus amenities like shirts, etc.

So if you can afford to donate some amount to help this gathering or to help sponsor the conference, please click here

Thank you!

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