Friday, September 14, 2007

Good experience: ajaxWindows

Using a demo of ajaxWindows and finding it slick about some things, not so slick about other things.

For example, using the browser with ajaxWindows opened within FireFox

Good: it handles CoComment very nicely. I have had trouble with CoComment on some blogs (particularly Typepad) where it takes multiple transmits to get the comment recorded and get by the captcha challenge with the normal IE or Firefox window. In ajaxWindows, it works just as it is supposed to.

Bad: Blogger has the recent auto save implemented. I have found instances where even though you have made a change, it doesn't provide you with a "Save" option. Usually with either IE or Firefox, by going to the preview, I end up finding one of the two "Save" buttons active, the other not. Within ajaxWindows, no such luck. Try as I might, the save button won't go active after the auto save kicks in.

If you happen to try out ajaxWindows, let me know how it goes for you.

Note: I have not yet created an account and used any of the auto synch features. The demo is what I have used thus far to try this out.

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