Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Franklin School: Open circle addresses health and fitness?

Blogging the School Committee meeting:

Michele Kingsland-Smith, Director of Instructional Services is presenting to the School Committee at the regular meeting tonight. I think she just said that the open circle program in K-5 addresses health and fitness.

Excuse me... open circle addresses fitness and health... maybe by talking about it! You can't get much fitness by walking around the circle. Open circle will help social competency but not physical fitness.

Oh, she just re-stated herself and it made more sense. Franklin is "in compliance" with the state recommendations but is not in compliance with the Federal recommendations.

We have cut our health and physical education opportunities in half recently. Gee, I am not surprised. Can anyone say budget cuts!

Research reveals that health is more important than money. If we want a better learning environment for our students, we should start by improving their health.

It starts with a priority. It starts with an appropriate budget.

It starts with an understanding amongst the Franklin voters about what the school requirements are, what we provide today, and what we should provide.

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