Monday, September 03, 2007

Franklin: the price of sports

"Advertising is something that's so commonplace. You watch the kids walk in, and they're advertising . . . all the types of clothes," Sidwell said. "It's a far worse thing that we make them pay to play sports."

He and Ogden would like to debut the ads next year on the Franklin High School football field, which they estimate would raise about $20,000. For now, they envision banners on the 3-foot-high fence that surrounds the field, but would consider expanding to other fields, Ogden said.

Sidwell estimated the total cost of operating his athletic program in 2006-07 at $1.5 million, including coaches' salaries.

From an article in the Sunday Globe on the cost of school sports and efforts to find alternative funding (i.e. advertising).

I would prefer to properly fund the school budget and avoid these additional revenue sources.

What do you think?

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