Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Franklin School: Keller Kindergarten Class Size

Keller has five kindergartens and the enrollment still exceeds the School Committee guidelines (some classes with 24 when the recommendation is 21).

The considered adding a six class but there are only five rooms currently sized for kindergarten. The recommended action is to add an ESP to assist in managing the kindergarten classrooms.

The proposal is to add the ESP now, and consider adding a sixth 1st grade next year to reduce the class size.

The additional funding for the ESP would come from the extra revenue that was received with the increase in school choice students accepted. Some of the money has already been re-allocated for an additional fourth grade teacher to address class size issues at Keller also.

Bottomline: as Odgen just mentioned, this is really an effect of the $2 million dollars missing from this years budget. It is an acceptable solution but Odgen avoided saying a "good" solution.

Result: Motion to increase one ESP using the revenue mentioned was approved.

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