Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Franklin: Another Override Possible

Per Jeff Nutting at the Sep 5th Town Council meeting, there will likely be another override or more than one depending upon the amount needed over the next 5 years.

This is NOT a surprise. The town budget is insufficient to sustain our current level of support. We saw that this year. We will continue to see that this year as the schools did not get their "Level service" funding.

Jeff's presentation is continuing. He is outlining a list of major items the town is going to need to consider. This information is available on the town web site. (PDF) Link Updated 9/6/07

** Major items like: Library repairs, High school renovations, other school renovations, underground utilities, road improvements down town, cap the landfill, road improvements, water improvement, sewer improvements...

Our current road improvements are totally funded by the generosity of the Commonwealth. If we get the money, we use it. If we don't get the money,the roads don't get fixed. Yet another example of Franklin living off the Commonwealth and not providing funding to sustain our normal services.

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