Monday, September 24, 2007

Conversation turns

Where do some conversations turns come from?
Have you ever followed a conversation and found an unexpected turn?
Such that you asked yourself: Where did that turn come from?

This weekend, PodCampers preparing for Boston 2 were talking in email about the schedule; how many sessions we could have, how they would be arranged. A good discussion on logistic details. Need to be prepare for this one. Expecting at least 3 times more people than we had last year. Last year (also the first year) expectations were just to have one. Now, a year later, many other PodCamps have been held. This was the original, it should be good (i.e. better than last year). Can't have folks coming and finding a disorganized mess. And then the conversation took a left turn. Left most of us standing. Wondering where that came from.

This has been known to happen at home too.
Why after being married for so long does it matter that the socks are inside or out?
How did we get there?
Oh, my t-shirt was inside out on Friday.
So what has that got to do with the socks?
Does it really matter?

One answer to this question can be found here.

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