Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brick School not first

The one room red brick school house in Croyden, NH was built in 1780 and has been in continuous use since.

That beats the Brick School by 50 years.

Oh well!

Now to find out if it can be operated as safely, effectively, and cost no more than a normal classroom in one of Franklin's other elementary buildings.

Michael Morton has the details of the Croyden situation in the Franklin Gazette.


  1. History Buff9:28 AM

    You have to sometimes question what Mike Morton writes - he doesn't mention whether or not he actually went to the school - if he did he would of noticed it is two rooms, not one - a distinction often mentioned when discussing the Brick School along the fact is has been in continuous operation providing education to our children..the school dates back to 1792 - it was rebuilt in 1833 on the same footprint.

    I'm sure the Croydon people love their school as much as Franklin does - isn't that the point? I don't think either town is trying to make a huge profit off the claim -

  2. good point on the two rooms, that certainly did not come out in Michael's article.

    Of course, Brick is not really a school either (although it may have been) it is a classroom and part of Davis Thayer School.

    I personally don't care on the history angle. History is past. We learn from it but it should not dictate our future.

    We should be more focused on the quality of education provided there (not questioned by me at anytime) at a cost comparable to other Franklin classrooms.

    I have yet to see a convincing case for that classroom to be as cost effective as any other. In a day when costs are prominent in this community, that is my driving concern.

    I don't like the precedent set so far by the School Committee in accepting the donation from Garelick. I appreciate their generosity but the dollars are not benefiting the majority of Franklin students, only a select few.