Monday, August 27, 2007

Rapid Fire Learning: August

Dean Boyer raised the bar during August at the Joyful Jubilant Learning group blog. Merriam Webster says that August is "marked by majestic dignity or grandeur". It is quite fitting indeed for this month. All the more so when paired with time as the one variable to manage carefully. The least little slip, it is gone and no longer available.

1 - In consideration of how little time we have, I have re-ordered my writing. Coincidently following a fellow blogger, I consolidated my writing on "good experience" and "tertiary education" (life long learning) into this blog, letting the other two slip into archival mode. This elevates my poetry blog into a more prominent position. Eventually this will become a podcast to join my other two podcasting efforts; Passionate Runner and Jerry's Story.

2 - Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary contributed to the "time factor" this month. Here I am, still believing in Peter Pan (I'll never grow up) and I have been married for how long? Fortunately, the time has past with a great partner; my lovely wife, Dolores. Oh, and our daughters; they are wonderful young ladies. Someday, I'll re-do a MasterCard commercial for them!

3 - We drove to Niagara Falls to celebrate our anniversary and spend some quality time together. The girls gave us a basket and a CD with "music for the road". The wine glasses were hand painted by a future famous artist. The drive itself along Interstate 90 in places parallels the Erie Canal. If we had attempted this trip back in those days, the journey from Albany to Buffalo would have taken us 7 days and not the several hours it did. The New York State Thruway Authority provided a "History Happened Here" kiosk at the Chittenago Travel Plaza where I learned that:
If you were a traveler on the Canal 150 years ago, your boat would pass Chittenago Landing, a major boat building and repair center, about three miles from here. As your boat was being pulled by a team of horses at four miles per hour, you would have time to notice the general store, blacksmith shop, sawmill and other buildings. It would take you seven days to travel from Albany to Buffalo. You and almost 100 other passengers would fill the 80-foot boat, and pay five cents a mile for your trip on America's first modern waterway.
4 - The power of water is incredible. The majesty of Niagara Falls can not be understated. My first video blogging attempt tries to capture some of this immense majesty. The Niagara River approaches the Falls calmly and rolls over with a thunderous roar. The Maid of the Mist and a rainbow happened to cooperate and appear during the video. 35 million gallons of water per minute! Wowza.

5 - Continuing to look for ways to make connections, and to use Web 2.0, keeping it simple, I decided to build on something I had seen a couple of other bloggers do: Wordless Wednesday (here and here) and of course, add my two cents to it. While I have many connections around the world, I was looking to add to my "local" connections and created the "Where am I?" game for Franklin. Don't worry, the thinking cap is on for how to expand this concept to the wider world of my readership. If you have any ideas, please leave me a comment or send me an email (shersteve at gmail dot com).

How was your August?

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