Saturday, August 11, 2007

The last word on JK Rowling

When a writer like Stephen King pens the "last word" on JK Rowling you need to give it a read.

On the one hand, JK could put away her pen (or keyboard) having accomplished this much.

Given the writer she has turned out to be, I think we will see more of her writing.


  1. Thank you for pointing out this article Steve. I have never been a fan of Stephen King's books (his book On Writing is the only one I have ever bought), however I have really enjoyed the columns he is now writing as a freelance journalist, seeding them in different places, and I am glad he is doing so.

  2. Rosa, I can't say I have been a fan either but when some one has such success as he has had over the years, he has earned more than a little bit of credibility. The writing in his article was so on point, never mind helping me agree with almost everything he said, it was a good example to share out!

    My niece (who recently graduated from Harvard) has been enchanted with his Dark Tower series and now I have picked up the first book to start into some time soon.