Monday, August 20, 2007

How to: make something with fd's Flickr Toys

I have used fd's Flickr Toys for several picture compilations or alterations including a couple recently. How do you make something with the toys?

1 - decide what you want to do
There are many toys to use. I have used the mosaic frequently. It allows me to combine several pictures together to make one posting. For example, one on DejaBrew; one with my tour guide; one looking over the years at the growth and development of my daughters.

I used the Warholizer
I used the Hockney toy
I used the fake ID badge

2 - upload the picture to flickr
You don't need to as you can load it specifically for the creation. If you already have one you want to use on flickr, the Toys make it real easy to access your account and pick the picture (or set) you want.

3 - set the options for the creation

4 - create

5 - save to your local system or upload to flickr
I tend to do both so I have the "original" and the flickr copy.

Other fd's Flickr Toy examples:
Millie's birthday card and my original photo

Franklin Planning Board and my original photo

If you haven't used this fun tool yet, please do so.

Once you do, let me know what you created!

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