Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good experience: Beckham's goal

In case you might have missed some of the hoopla, David Beckham has joined the LA Galaxy MLS soccer team and travels to play our own New England Revolution this afternoon.

The media is making a big deal of Beckham's arrival. ESPN is absolutely gaga over it.

I love what David has to say:

"I've said this so often, people back home don't want to hear it anymore," he begins. "America is the most sports-loving country in the world. I know all about baseball, basketball, football, and ice hockey, and all the great athletes there. I know that soccer will never be in that category in this country. I wish it could be, because it is so exciting.

"But it can achieve a higher place. I know about the traditions the other sports have. That can't change, and it shouldn't change. But I do think we can raise the level of interest in soccer."

For all the hype, David is indeed a quality ball player and worthy icon. He has been consistent in his approach and I like that. Read the full Globe sports article here.

Whether he gets to bend a ball later today at Gillette is up to his health status. While this is the first time he is here, it won't be the last. No matter whether the crowd will be like this or a full stadium (picture to be inserted here later), there will still be 11 players on two sides facing each other over one ball to play the game.

May the best game be played and may the best team win.

Go Revs!

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