Sunday, August 19, 2007

Franklin: Catching up on local items

It was good to get away for vacation. It is good to come back and catch up on local events before getting back into the workday world.

Of interest while I was away, I find that the school committee is looking at raising money in a pilot by selling advertising around the football field. Projected gain -> $20,000.

That's a start but we have a long way to go to fill the gap between what the schools need and what they have. How much will advertising help?

The schools will be less clean now that eight custodians because the recent override still provided $2 million less than the level service budget required.

Parents at Kennedy School should be concerned:
the replacement of asbestos-lined countertops at Kennedy is expected to continue into the beginning of school
Shifting gears to the Planning Board, the current chairman was considering running for the Town Council. Let's see what does the Planning Board do? They ensure that new project meet all the rules and regulations for the local area. And this guy didn't know he couldn't hold both seats at the same time?

Also in the same article in this week's Country Gazette:
... McGann took out papers for Planning Board and is trying to decide between seeking that position or trying to retain his council seat. Planning Board alternate Ronald Calabrese also took out forms to become a full board member, while newcomer Peter Bower obtained papers for a council run. Bower’s wife, Stacey Bower, opened a food trailer business named Hottie Dogs last month, but the vending operation was closed down by the town for zoning and permitting reasons. It later reopened in Bellingham.
The upcoming fall election will indeed provide some interesting options for folks.

Stay away of what is happening around you, Franklin. This election will be as critical as the next override!

Oh and more on the Franklin Center Commons project that the Planning Board still can't figure out.

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