Sunday, August 26, 2007

Confusion and sorting it out

The Wamponoag Indian tribe fought long and hard for recognition as a tribe so they could benefit from the advantages of running a casino. They leveraged these advantages to work a deal with Middleborough to pour bunches of money into Middleborough in return for establishing a casino.

"Free" money is hard to turn down when the economy is such that town and school budgets are struggling to keep current with unfunded state and Federal mandates. There is only so much room that Prop 2 1/2 provides. Enough has already been talked of on both sides of that story.

The point of this is now that the Wampanoag leader, Glenn Marshall, has apparently falsified his background claiming he was a war vet with medals (when he was in high school at the time), when he did not admit of a previous conviction of rape, what does this do for the deal that the tribe and Middleborough reached?

Money is the root of all evil.

Casino's don't bring gold for "free".

Advertising dollars are similar to casino dollars. The giver looses something in the transaction. If there was something "like a free lunch", that would be a different story. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Where are true leaders these days? Glenn is less than what he claimed to be. Our current president is prone to re-inventing history. The papers are littered with stories of how the mighty have fallen.

It is time for the individual to return to the ethical basics.

Time for parents to show good examples for this children.

Time for respectful dialog.

Time for learning and growing.

If we fail in this, I fear we will really fail!

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