Friday, August 31, 2007

Where in Franklin? Game Summary

Here are the guidelines to play the game.

Here are the pictures (note: if the link is not active, then it has not been posted)

Picture 1, Answer 1 Vallee's Jewelry

Picture 2, Answer 2 Franklin School for Performing Arts

Picture 3, Answer 3 Molloy's Garage

Picture 4
, Answer 4 Brick School

Picture 5, 2nd Picture 5, Answer 5 Union St Grill

Picture 6, Answer 6 Dacey's Market

Picture 7, Answer 7 Franklin Mill Store

Picture 8, Answer 8 Post Office

Picture 9, Answer 9 Spring Pond, off Washington St

Picture 10, Answer 10 Franklin Woods, Bridle Path & Lincoln

Picture 11, Answer 11 United Methodist Church

Picture 12, Answer 12 Franklin Public Library

Picture 13, Answer 13 Fletcher Field

Picture 14, Answer 14 Franklin Senior Center (soon to be former location)

Picture 15, Answer 15 Winterberry Farms

Picture 16, second try, Answer 16 Dacey Fields, Lincoln St

Picture 17, Answer 17 The Rome Restaurant

From this point forward all pictures and answers can be found on Franklin Matters

Franklin: Korean Conflict Memorial


My good buddy Kirk Weisler has some interesting uses for WD-40. This was forwarded to him from a friend so he double checked with Snopes to see if they are true, and they mostly are.

WD-40? Well an old Ranger Buddy sent me this intriguing list of over 40 mostly practical and useful things you could do with this household product. Well it sounded “to good to be true” so I went to the source of all knowledge and found out that is was mostly true.

Here is the link - -fun stuff, especially if you have bug issues!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

View from the Skylon Towers

View from the Skylon Towers, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Dolores takes in the view.

Horsehoe Falls: from the Skylon Tower

Another view.

American Falls: from the Skylon Tower

On the evening of our anniversary last week we had dinner at the rotating dining room on top of the Skylon Tower overlooking Niagara Falls.

Dinner was good, the weather cooperated and the view was spectacular.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Franklin: Where am I? #4

Franklin: Where am I? #4, originally uploaded by shersteve.

The guidelines can be found here.

Where am I?

Franklin: Where am I? Answer #3

Franklin: Where am I? Answer #3, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Anonymous, playing from 800 miles away from Franklin, recognized this as "The gas station just down 140 from the Franklin commuter rail stop". Specifically, Molloy's Garage.


Stay tuned for #4

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Franklin: Landscape changes

Franklin: Landscape changes, originally uploaded by shersteve.

When the Franklin Furniture's building was taken down, I was surprised to see the prominent tower of Dean Hall appear. I didn't realize it was that close.

With the new construction now raising to the second floor in that location, it almost looks like the top of Dean Hall is part of the construction. I expect that if the new building goes up one more floor, the view of Dean Hall from Summer St will disappear again.

AutoDealer: Latest trend in advertising?

Is the start of a new trend: to use a steam roller to advertise that you are selling automobiles?

Or is the construction simply hindering their operation?

This is located on Route 116 in Smithfield, RI.

Franklin: Good news wanted

If you have good news about Franklin, like this, or like this.

Good news that may not make it to the local paper, send it along and I'll see what we can do to get it published here.

Send it to shersteve at gmail dot com. Be aware that I have limited access during normal business hours. You can reference my disclosure statement.

Only good news, please. There is enough bad news in the world already.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Eileen Ivers: Danish Winter Song

Eileen Ivers introduces the band, then gets into a lovely song.

Time: 5 minutes, 4 seconds

MP3 File

From the Lowell Folk Festival held early this summer.

Political newcomers

Michael Morton of the Milford Daily News
has a recap of current candidates for the various positions up for this election year.

Be careful. Be aware. Be informed.

An informed vote is the best vote.

Rapid Fire Learning: August

Dean Boyer raised the bar during August at the Joyful Jubilant Learning group blog. Merriam Webster says that August is "marked by majestic dignity or grandeur". It is quite fitting indeed for this month. All the more so when paired with time as the one variable to manage carefully. The least little slip, it is gone and no longer available.

1 - In consideration of how little time we have, I have re-ordered my writing. Coincidently following a fellow blogger, I consolidated my writing on "good experience" and "tertiary education" (life long learning) into this blog, letting the other two slip into archival mode. This elevates my poetry blog into a more prominent position. Eventually this will become a podcast to join my other two podcasting efforts; Passionate Runner and Jerry's Story.

2 - Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary contributed to the "time factor" this month. Here I am, still believing in Peter Pan (I'll never grow up) and I have been married for how long? Fortunately, the time has past with a great partner; my lovely wife, Dolores. Oh, and our daughters; they are wonderful young ladies. Someday, I'll re-do a MasterCard commercial for them!

3 - We drove to Niagara Falls to celebrate our anniversary and spend some quality time together. The girls gave us a basket and a CD with "music for the road". The wine glasses were hand painted by a future famous artist. The drive itself along Interstate 90 in places parallels the Erie Canal. If we had attempted this trip back in those days, the journey from Albany to Buffalo would have taken us 7 days and not the several hours it did. The New York State Thruway Authority provided a "History Happened Here" kiosk at the Chittenago Travel Plaza where I learned that:
If you were a traveler on the Canal 150 years ago, your boat would pass Chittenago Landing, a major boat building and repair center, about three miles from here. As your boat was being pulled by a team of horses at four miles per hour, you would have time to notice the general store, blacksmith shop, sawmill and other buildings. It would take you seven days to travel from Albany to Buffalo. You and almost 100 other passengers would fill the 80-foot boat, and pay five cents a mile for your trip on America's first modern waterway.
4 - The power of water is incredible. The majesty of Niagara Falls can not be understated. My first video blogging attempt tries to capture some of this immense majesty. The Niagara River approaches the Falls calmly and rolls over with a thunderous roar. The Maid of the Mist and a rainbow happened to cooperate and appear during the video. 35 million gallons of water per minute! Wowza.

5 - Continuing to look for ways to make connections, and to use Web 2.0, keeping it simple, I decided to build on something I had seen a couple of other bloggers do: Wordless Wednesday (here and here) and of course, add my two cents to it. While I have many connections around the world, I was looking to add to my "local" connections and created the "Where am I?" game for Franklin. Don't worry, the thinking cap is on for how to expand this concept to the wider world of my readership. If you have any ideas, please leave me a comment or send me an email (shersteve at gmail dot com).

How was your August?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Robert Pirelli - Rest in Peace

The flags are at half mast around town to mark the passing of Staff Sargent Robert R. Pirelli, the most recent of Franklin's two Iraq casualties. The Boston Globe provides details on the funeral held yesterday.

The Milford Daily News coverage can be found here.

Where am I? game changes and challenge

Franklin residents, I hope you are enjoying the game underway here. I have updated the game guidelines to move to a twice a week format rather than once per week.

Yes, I couldn't wait a full week once we have a winner! Hopefully, you'll agree with the change. Hopefully, I'll also be able to keep up with it.

I did get a good bike ride in today. Cruising around town, stopping here and there to snap a photo or two.

So if you see a tall guy, white helmet on a green bike, with a camera... that could be a good clue to a future picture in this game.

I am finding it a challenge to make the picture of a local place a challenge. Enough of a clue to help you figure out what it is without giving too much away. Yes, every picture tells a story. This game is helping me frame the story better. Just as my sherku is helping me get the least amount of words to convey what I want.

Hopefully, this game will help to open your eyes to the wonders of this place we call home.

Franklin: Where am I? #3

Franklin: Where am I? #3, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Somewhere in Franklin: two smiles for full service.

"Where am I?" Game guidelines can be found here.

Play on!

Franklin: Where am I? Answer #2

Franklin: Where am I? Answer #2, originally uploaded by shersteve.

We have a winner to the second posting. Congratulations to Ken Norman for participating and providing the correct answer.

Yes, the picture was detail around the entrance doorway to the Franklin School for the Performing Arts.

Rather than waiting until Wednesday, I'll post picture #3 shortly.

Confusion and sorting it out

The Wamponoag Indian tribe fought long and hard for recognition as a tribe so they could benefit from the advantages of running a casino. They leveraged these advantages to work a deal with Middleborough to pour bunches of money into Middleborough in return for establishing a casino.

"Free" money is hard to turn down when the economy is such that town and school budgets are struggling to keep current with unfunded state and Federal mandates. There is only so much room that Prop 2 1/2 provides. Enough has already been talked of on both sides of that story.

The point of this is now that the Wampanoag leader, Glenn Marshall, has apparently falsified his background claiming he was a war vet with medals (when he was in high school at the time), when he did not admit of a previous conviction of rape, what does this do for the deal that the tribe and Middleborough reached?

Money is the root of all evil.

Casino's don't bring gold for "free".

Advertising dollars are similar to casino dollars. The giver looses something in the transaction. If there was something "like a free lunch", that would be a different story. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Where are true leaders these days? Glenn is less than what he claimed to be. Our current president is prone to re-inventing history. The papers are littered with stories of how the mighty have fallen.

It is time for the individual to return to the ethical basics.

Time for parents to show good examples for this children.

Time for respectful dialog.

Time for learning and growing.

If we fail in this, I fear we will really fail!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Franklin: Parmenter School gets ready for Opening Day

As Dolores and I completed our walk this morning, we happened upon a buzz of activity around the Parmenter School grounds as several parents and kids help clean up, spread some new mulch and getting ready for school to open next week.

Kim DiMarino will send me a listing of all who participated so I can update this and give credit where it is due.

Nice work folks!

* Perry Means and Jim D'Entremont are pictured at the mulch pile. (middle left photo)
* Jamie DiMarino (with the wheel barrow), Jessie D'Entremont, and Alex Adiletto lend a hand. (middle right photo)
* Denise Cyr spreads out the mulch. (bottom left photo)

PS - I was looking for the name of the mascot but did not find it exploring the school website. I did find the history of the school which is good to know. If you do know the name of the mascot, please let me know.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tertiary education: Lesson of the tree

From the base of this tree looking up, branching out takes on new meaning. The tree is eager for sunlight. It branches out to expand its sunlight potential.

Similarly, if we looked below ground, the tree is extending its root base to provide support for its growth.

Sitting under a tree during a break in last week's bike ride I realized that a tree as single minded as it is, still branches out. A "newtonian" moment.

What is your trunk or central core?
What are your branches?

Maybe you should consider branching out?
There is an opportunity for more sunshine by doing so.

There is also the caution to branch from your core. That is a stronger branch, than if branching from another branch.

Good experience: Stone wall

NiagaraFalls: Stone wall, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Another stone wall to fall in love with. The simplicity of this one; stone laid upon stone, no mortar. The top layer angled. The contrast of colors. The contrast of layers. The contrast of angles.

Nice workmanship!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

NiagaraFalls: Bike Shadow

NiagaraFalls: Bike Shadow, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Taken while on vacation at Niagara Falls, bike riding on a glorious day. My wife (Dolores) is the shadow in front of me. I (riding behind) managed to catch this photo of the shadow without editing it.


Who's the sunflower in my life?

Who's the sunflower in my life?, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Easy answer for this one!


Note: from the student section of the Botanical Gardens on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

NiagaraFalls: Peek-a-boo

NiagaraFalls_Peek-a-boo, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Visting the Botanical Gardens in Niagara Falls last week, Dolores and I had some fun.

Tertiary education: social networking

I found this insightful SlideShow via Beth Kanter. I have quite a bit in common with Charlotte in how she networks at home versus at work.

Are you like Charlotte too?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Franklin: Where am I? #2

Franklin: Where am I? #2, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Here are the instructions.

Do you know where this is?

Good luck!

PS - The correct answer will be posted next Wednesday (8/29).

Franklin: Where am I? Answer #1

The answer to Where am I? #1 is Vallee's Jewelers.

The picture for Where Am I? #2 is coming ....

Video: Niagara Falls

A video sample from the American side of Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls (32 seconds)


PS - yes, it was breezy. the video was captured by my camera. next time I'll smother the mic.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good experience: PodCamp

What is a PodCamp?
PodCamp Boston 2 is a FREE 2 day Unconference exploring new media community tools like blogging, videoblogging, podcasting, second life, twitter, and more. The event is created by the participants, and everyone had a voice in the experience. Newcomers are welcome and you don't have to be a techie to get a lot out of coming and participating in a PodCamp.
Check out some of the outtakes from the recent PodCamp Pittsburgh (thanks to Chris Brogan for the link) Then consider registering for PodCamp Boston 2!

Why 2?

Duh, 1 was last last year. 2 is coming up this October!

What does it cost?

PodCamp is an unconference and free to all participants. For more information visit the PodCamp Boston web site or register at this link.

See you at PodCamp Boston!

Good Experience: So that's how the plants stay so fresh!

The gardening in and around Niagara Falls is really spectacular. As Dolores and I walked in the morning; the sprinklers were on, workers were about trimming the hedges and plants, cutting the grass, painting the fences, etc.

How did they keep the hanging plants watered? As we were at breakfast, I watched this trunk pull up, the long arm lean over and water one plant, then the truck pulled forward a bit and watered the other.

Not that is a good idea!

LIVESTRONG Army petition

This presidential season, sign the LiveStrong Army petition!

Why shouldn't we make fighting cancer part of the presidential debate?

Who hasn't lost someone to cancer?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fort George

Fort George, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Last stop on our "war and wine" tour Thursday was Fort George outside Niagara-on-the-Lake. Another key point from the War of 1812.

Inniskillen Winery

Inniskillen Winery, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Second stop was the Inniskillen Winery for a tour and some samples. Tried Ice Wine for the first time. Wonderful taste.

New guard at Fort Erie

New guard at Fort Erie, originally uploaded by shersteve.

First stop Thursday was at Fort Erie, a decisive engagement during the War of 1812.

How to: make something with fd's Flickr Toys

I have used fd's Flickr Toys for several picture compilations or alterations including a couple recently. How do you make something with the toys?

1 - decide what you want to do
There are many toys to use. I have used the mosaic frequently. It allows me to combine several pictures together to make one posting. For example, one on DejaBrew; one with my tour guide; one looking over the years at the growth and development of my daughters.

I used the Warholizer
I used the Hockney toy
I used the fake ID badge

2 - upload the picture to flickr
You don't need to as you can load it specifically for the creation. If you already have one you want to use on flickr, the Toys make it real easy to access your account and pick the picture (or set) you want.

3 - set the options for the creation

4 - create

5 - save to your local system or upload to flickr
I tend to do both so I have the "original" and the flickr copy.

Other fd's Flickr Toy examples:
Millie's birthday card and my original photo

Franklin Planning Board and my original photo

If you haven't used this fun tool yet, please do so.

Once you do, let me know what you created!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Franklin: Where am I? #1

Franklin: Where am I? #1, originally uploaded by shersteve.

I missed doing the first "Where am I?" picture last Wednesday as I was on vacation and spent more time vacationing and less time blogging than I had previously anticipated. It also helped that the weather cooperated so I did not even have a "rainy day" to play with.

Oh well, here is the first picture. Deliberately, an easy one to start with.

The "Where am I?" instructions can be found here.

As this is both a test picture and a reminder of the Where am I?, the first real picture will be posted this Wednesday (9/22) and the entries will close at midnight on Tuesday (9/21).

Franklin: Planning Board is hard at work

I like playing with fd's Flickr Toys.

Franklin: Catching up on local items

It was good to get away for vacation. It is good to come back and catch up on local events before getting back into the workday world.

Of interest while I was away, I find that the school committee is looking at raising money in a pilot by selling advertising around the football field. Projected gain -> $20,000.

That's a start but we have a long way to go to fill the gap between what the schools need and what they have. How much will advertising help?

The schools will be less clean now that eight custodians because the recent override still provided $2 million less than the level service budget required.

Parents at Kennedy School should be concerned:
the replacement of asbestos-lined countertops at Kennedy is expected to continue into the beginning of school
Shifting gears to the Planning Board, the current chairman was considering running for the Town Council. Let's see what does the Planning Board do? They ensure that new project meet all the rules and regulations for the local area. And this guy didn't know he couldn't hold both seats at the same time?

Also in the same article in this week's Country Gazette:
... McGann took out papers for Planning Board and is trying to decide between seeking that position or trying to retain his council seat. Planning Board alternate Ronald Calabrese also took out forms to become a full board member, while newcomer Peter Bower obtained papers for a council run. Bower’s wife, Stacey Bower, opened a food trailer business named Hottie Dogs last month, but the vending operation was closed down by the town for zoning and permitting reasons. It later reopened in Bellingham.
The upcoming fall election will indeed provide some interesting options for folks.

Stay away of what is happening around you, Franklin. This election will be as critical as the next override!

Oh and more on the Franklin Center Commons project that the Planning Board still can't figure out.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Millie Garfield!

Yes, Millie Garfield has reached another milestone; 82 years and going strong!

Congratulations, Millie!

Friday, August 17, 2007

NiagaraFalls: Happy Anniversary to us!

Yes, we celebrated our 25th wdding anniversary this week.

These glasses Allison hand decorated for us.

25th Anniversary Gift Pack

25th Anniv Gift Pack, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Allison and Carolyn thoughtfully prepared this gift pack for our trip this week. The bottle of wine, two glasses (hand decorated with 25), a CD loaded with some music for the drive, snacks, a DVD if we had time here (we didn't)...

The glasses were used (see here).

The CD was used (sherku on this here and here).

NiagaraFalls: Maid in the Mist

NiagaraFalls: Maid in the Mist, originally uploaded by shersteve.

As the day winds down on the Canadian side, rainbows begin to appear in the mist. Depending upon your location, relative to the mist and the sunlight, the rainbow is full band, full arch or partial.

Location, location, location.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

NiagaraFalls: up real close

NiagaraFalls: up real close, originally uploaded by shersteve.

What does 35 million gallons of water per minute look like?

This is a look from below and up into the Horseshoe Falls to see part of that amount of water dropping off the edge.

NiagaraFalls: And you were saying?

The butterflies were friendly. I had one on my shoulder for a bit.

This one was hard to get a picture of. They seemed to move constantly. When they did stop, the "eyes" are visible on the bottom of the wings. The top side (hidden inside the fold) is a gorgeous blue. You'll have to imagine that part. I could not get a picture of that try as I might.

They are so delicate and move so quickly!

NiagaraFalls: Butterfly 3

NiagaraFalls: Butterfly 3, originally uploaded by shersteve.

One of the many colorful specimens flying around the conservatory.

NiagaraFalls: Butterfly Conservatory

Located next to the Botanical Gardens (free admission) there is a charge to see the Butterflies but it is worth it. Our admission was part of a package that included rides on the People Mover shuttle all day. We traveled north to see the butterflies first and then worked our way back down to the Falls.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NiagaraFalls: Dolores & I

NiagaraFalls: Dolores & I, originally uploaded by shersteve.

25 years later....

Happy Anniversary, Dolores!

Wedding Day - 25 years ago

Wedding Day - 25 years ago, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Wow,where did the time go?

... and where did that dark hair go?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Niagara Falls: My tour guide

Niagara Falls: My tour guide, originally uploaded by shersteve.

A glorious day here on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. From the delicate beauty of the Butterfly exhibit to the thunderous roar of the tour behind the Falls, nature revealed itself.

Blogging changes: simplicity desired

Following in the footsteps of a dear friend, I am going to consolidate my writing as I approach my three year anniversary here. I do have many interests (as you perhaps have noticed). One of the key drivers behind the multiple blogs was Bloggers inability to do categories. Well, they fixed that so I can adjust and simplify things.

Passionate Runner will remain active. My writing and podcasting on running will continue. The audience for this effort is respectfully separate from other interests I have and write on.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Blogosphere will continue. The Team is continuing to evolve but the effort and writing there is worth keeping separate.

Jerry's Story is just underway and will continue to develop as the oral history as told by may father, Gerald Sherlock. If you haven't clicked over to listen to Dad talk about growing up beginning in the 30's in Pawtucket, RI, I encourage you to do so. We have covered his early days in school, his time as a Marine during World War II, and are beginning to get into the post war period. I am learning a lot and there may very well something of interest for you.

quiet poet, is a new blog where I am posting my sherku and other poetry. This will eventually be a podcast available via the blog or iTunes (like Passionate Runner and Jerry's Story).

I will discontinue updating Passion for the Good Customer Experience and Tertiary Education. These topics are closer to what I want to continue to write about here so I will roll those posts into this stream.

I'll move my writing on Franklin to Franklin Matters. This new blog will help to define (frame) the discussion. Franklin is a good community (as Family Circle noted) to raise a family. Keeping the focus on solving our challenges in providing a good education to our children and a good experience for all our citizens, neighbors and visitors is very much related to what I set out to do once upon a time when I started blogging.

I will continue to contribute to 100Bloggers and to the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog. Those efforts are complimentary to what I do so there is no reason to stop. Connections, conversations and community building are good reasons to be a blogger!

Bottom line: what will you see?

I hope these changes will allow you, my loyal readers, to keep better in touch. I look for our conversations to continue.

Updated 11/21/07 with the information on the creation of Franklin Matters

new sherku

For those interested, a couple of new sherku have been posted to my quiet poet blog.

What is a sherku?

Lowell Folk Festival: Eileen Ivers - Riverdance Suite

From the Lowell Folk Festival 2007, Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul play a couple of tunes from what helped to make Eileen famous, the musical phenomenon called Riverdance.

Time: 5 minutes, 4 seconds

MP3 File

NiagaraFalls: Horseshoe Falls

NiagaraFalls: Horseshoe Falls, originally uploaded by shersteve.

The glory and wonder of nature is immense.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Lowell Folk Festival: Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul - Hearts of Wonder

From the Lowell Folk Festival 2007, Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul play this song. Tommy MacDonald does the lead vocals. As technical difficulty distorts one of the mics, the group does not skip a beat. The sound crew scambles and by the middle of the song, there are no further interruptions. Truely a professional live performance!

Time: 5 minutes, 1 second

MP3 File

Other posts on the Lowell Folk Festival can be found here.

Announcing a bottled water restiction at my house

After reading the FastCompany article by Charles Fishman on bottled water in the July issue, I will not condone buying bottled water for the house. I had not really understood the enormity of what we have done with this phenomenon.
A chilled plastic bottle of water in the convenience-store cooler is the perfect symbol of this moment in American commerce and culture. It acknowledges our demand for instant gratification, our vanity, our token concern for health. Its packaging and transport depend entirely on cheap fossil fuel. Yes, it's just a bottle of water--modest compared with the indulgence of driving a Hummer. But when a whole industry grows up around supplying us with something we don't need--when a whole industry is built on the packaging and the presentation--it's worth asking how that happened, and what the impact is. And if you do ask, if you trace both the water and the business back to where they came from, you find a story more complicated, more bemusing, and ultimately more sobering than the bottles we tote everywhere suggest.
Read the full story here and make your own decision.

Take the quiz and see how you score on your water knowledge.

Peach Festival, Aug 25-26

Where: Carlson Orchards in Harvard, MA

Check out their web site for more details

Sunday, August 12, 2007

NE Revolution - Beckham Game

NE Revolution - Beckham Game, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Yes, a great crowd (35,402) showed up for the "Beckham game". The MLS write-up for the game can be found here.

Just as the National Anthem finished we had a pair of Air Force F15 fighter jets fly over Gillette Stadium.

The End Zone Militia had reason to celebrate when Taylor Twellman scored in the 55th minute to give the Revs a 1-0 lead which held up for the final score.

Nice game. Beckham sat on the bench and did not play.

Good experience: Beckham's goal

In case you might have missed some of the hoopla, David Beckham has joined the LA Galaxy MLS soccer team and travels to play our own New England Revolution this afternoon.

The media is making a big deal of Beckham's arrival. ESPN is absolutely gaga over it.

I love what David has to say:

"I've said this so often, people back home don't want to hear it anymore," he begins. "America is the most sports-loving country in the world. I know all about baseball, basketball, football, and ice hockey, and all the great athletes there. I know that soccer will never be in that category in this country. I wish it could be, because it is so exciting.

"But it can achieve a higher place. I know about the traditions the other sports have. That can't change, and it shouldn't change. But I do think we can raise the level of interest in soccer."

For all the hype, David is indeed a quality ball player and worthy icon. He has been consistent in his approach and I like that. Read the full Globe sports article here.

Whether he gets to bend a ball later today at Gillette is up to his health status. While this is the first time he is here, it won't be the last. No matter whether the crowd will be like this or a full stadium (picture to be inserted here later), there will still be 11 players on two sides facing each other over one ball to play the game.

May the best game be played and may the best team win.

Go Revs!

Franklin: Free stuff

Franklin: Free stuff, originally uploaded by shersteve.

More stuff "free" for the taking. This pile of goodies can be found on the left side of Washington Street heading up from Union Street to the Interstate 495 bridge.

Note: some of this may be gone by the time you get there!

"Where in Franklin?" Game

As part of the refocusing of my writing here, I will start a new feature.

As you have seen, I have been posting some pictures of the local scenes in and around Franklin. On Wednesdays, I'll post a picture and ask for your participation to identify where it is in Franklin.

Who can play:
Anyone can play but realistically, I understand that this will limit participation to those readers who are Franklin area residents (or at least local neighbors). Don't worry, we'll do something else for those of you who are outside Franklin.

What kind of picture:
The picture will be of something seen from the sidewalk or road while walking, or riding a bike or car. All pictures will be found within the confines of geographical Franklin. The picture should be something of beauty, specialness, architectural, natural or the like that is found within Franklin.

How to play:
If you recognize the picture, send me an email or leave a comment on the post identifying where the picture is or what it is of. Cross streets, street addresses, or significant defining descriptions accepted. In case of a tie in identification, the time stamp on the entry (to indicate the first correct answer) will determine the winner.

I'll post a new picture each Sunday and Wednesday morning. I'll announce the winner of the previous picture at the same time.
All entries for Sunday's picture will close at midnight on Tuesday.
All entries for Wednesday's picture will close at midnight on Saturday.

The glory and honor for identification of the picture. I'll publish as much of your name or identification as you will allow me to.

Why am I doing this?
To help us all explore the real beauty of what we have here. Sure there are great sites to see when we travel but "there is no place like home". If this effort does just a little to help us better see, understand, and appreciate our own Franklin area, then it will have succeeded. This will unite my desire for "life long learning", my passion for the good customer experience, and of course, my home town: Franklin.

Where am I? - Part 2:
You can also send me a picture to post. You'll get credit for the picture and assist in judging the winner. Contributions should be emailed to shersteve at gmail dot com. If the picture is not something I am comfortable in posting safely, I'll let you know via email.

This is meant to be a fun thing to do.
If this gets to be not fun, well, I'll give advance notice and stop.
Oh, and the residents of my immediate household are not eligible to play.

Did I miss anything?
Please, let me know.

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Franklin Buffet won't re-open

As noted recently, the Franklin Buffet shut by the Fire Dept for code violations now apparently will not re-open. Michael Morton has the full story in the Franklin Gazette.

A variation on the story including the curse that may exist on restaurants in that area of East Central St appeared in the Milford Daily News.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

St. Rocco's fund raising

St. Rocco's fund raising, originally uploaded by shersteve.

I think I refrain from saying something.

St. Rocco's Ferris Wheel

St. Rocco's Ferris Wheel, originally uploaded by shersteve.

What is a festival or carnival without a Ferris Wheel?

And the band played on

And the band played on, originally uploaded by shersteve.

The Annual St Rocco's Festival is this weekend. One of the few times we have not been away for the weekend in recent years.

Dolores, Carolyn and I walked down to eat supper there. We enjoyed our clam chowder and clam cakes.

The last word on JK Rowling

When a writer like Stephen King pens the "last word" on JK Rowling you need to give it a read.

On the one hand, JK could put away her pen (or keyboard) having accomplished this much.

Given the writer she has turned out to be, I think we will see more of her writing.

Franklin: New Fire Station

Franklin: New Fire Station, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Construction is progressing on the new fire station.

Franklin: Angles

Franklin: Angles, originally uploaded by shersteve.

The sunlight plays on the new construction in downtown Franklin creating an amazing array of angles, shadows, and lines.

Franklin: Stone Wall Creator

Franklin: Stone Wall Creator
Originally uploaded by shersteve
I shared a picture of this good looking stone wall previously. On our walk by today, I noticed that the creator has posted their sign. Well done, Jim!

One; for the good looking work you did.
Two; for posting the sign to advertise for more business.

If you need a stone wall like this, contact Jim!

Friday, August 10, 2007

sherku: bing cherry

Luscious bing cherry rolled
twixt teeth, tongue; separating meat
from pit, left to split

What is a sherku?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Franklin: MBTA Station 2

Franklin: MBTA Station 2
Originally uploaded by shersteve
As promised previously, the T has been fixing up Franklin's downtown station. New asphalt coating was recently applied.

NERevs_Harrisburg_US Open Cup

NERevs_Harrisburg_US Open
Originally uploaded by shersteve
Hold this picture in your memory for a bit.

Sunday, the LA Galaxy arrive at Gillette Stadium with David Beckham and the stadium will be considerably more populated than it was on Wednesday night. The NE Revolution played the Harrisburg City Islanders (a USL Division 2 club) in the fourth round of the US Open Cup and won 2-1.

Harrisburg played well, surprising the Revs with a goal in the 78th minute to make the closing of the game exciting.

While about 2,000 appeared to see this good soccer game Wednesday, a "sell out" crowd of 32,000 is expected for Sunday's game. It looks like David Beckham may play... here's to hoping we get to see a classic bending ball.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Something fun to view and vote for!

John Herman has an entry in the Makeshifters contest with 1st prize a new home entertainment system. John and his wife Danielle put the brief video together as their entry in this contest.

You can view the entry here

And if you choose, you can view others before voting, or just give John and Danielle a good vote.

Note: the user interface for voting is somewhat strange. You need to move the line to the number you want to rate the video as, then release and cast your vote.

Thanks for viewing. Wasn't that fun!

Monday, August 06, 2007

A different team showed up

The New England Revolution on Thursday night played probably their best game of the season beating the KC Wizards 2-0. On Sunday, they probably played their worst game loosing to DC United 3-0.

How is it that a different team can show up on game day?

For a home game?

The approach needs to change. The Revs have a very good away record. They seem to like the adverse conditions created by playing as the visitors. The Fort and other supporters in Gillette Stadium should start to take this into consideration and root for the other team each time the Revs play at home.

We might get a better performance!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

PodCamp Boston 2 - October 26-28, 2007

PodCamp Boston 2
is rapidly approaching. We are into August and October 26-28 feels like it is just around the corner.

It was a great event last year and I expect this year to be even more so.

There are already 290 registered for this event.

Are you in New England? You should consider participating!

Even if you are outside the Boston metro area, this should be a good excuse to get here and participate!

The PodCamp website with additional info can be found here:

Register here:

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