Sunday, January 14, 2007

Quotes & Links

From Nancy White at Full Circle Online Interaction Blog
Through our content, what we choose to write about, we provide the fodder for other people's perception of us. Our public identity.

With blogging, we can certainly set out to project a particular identity. But what I sense is that our ongoing words in our posts really create the identity. Particularly when so many people are reading blog posts through their feed readers without all the bling we put on our blogs that might give more overt cue about how we wish others to perceive us.

Read her full posting here.

Also from Nancy
As I read the findings, the first thing that strikes me is that this report talks about the need for technology stewardship. Who are the people in your community or organization who have an interest in and sufficient technology skills to help you scan, select, implement technology and, very importantly, steward technology in use? This is the intersection between technology and practice which feels so natural for early adopters, but may be a barrier for the rest of us.
Read her posting and down load the full ICT report that she references (available in PDF).

From Andrew Taylor writing at The Artful Manager

Artist/director/maven Peter Sellars got right to the point in his conference keynote for the American Symphony Orchestra League, suggesting that the contemporary standard for the American orchestra doesn't serve the art, doesn't serve humanity, and disconnects the two in the process:

If you want to respect your grandparents, take care of your kids. You can't keep your grandparents alive forever, but they're still with you in your own children. In America, we fell in love with an artificial life-support system that wouldn't let certain things die. Telling ourselves it was out of love that we were doing this, we starved the kids.

Any business that still has things on the shelf from 50 years ago as its primary's a little odd. Everybody's saying everything but the obvious -- it's dead

Read Andrew's full post here.

From Ken Thompson writing at The Bumble Bee

... I offer here my team profiling checklist which can be used to rapidly profile an organisational team or multi-enterprise network across eight different dimensions.

It can be worked through with a senior member of a forming team in as little as 15 minutes.

I don’t pretend it is exhaustive but I do guarantee that if you use it properly it will identify at least 3 things about the team which you did not know about or were making invalid assumptions aroundwhich will impact on your virtual team support plan!

Read Ken's full post to obtain the full profile.

Wow, plenty of good stuff in those links!


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