Saturday, December 09, 2006

Grassroots Podcasting by Christopher Penn

FAP: I think if you had to sum up podcasting in one word, it’d be grassroots.
FAP: that’s the essence of it.
FAP: there are other names - citizen journalism, consumer generated content, new media, etc.
FAP: but at the end of the day, it’s people making their own media about the things they’re passionate about.
FAP: look at the Financial Aid Podcast.
FAP: the most popular episode has had 27,000 listens.
FAP: that’s more than most metro radio stations.
FAP: and it’s a show about financial aid, which on the surface is probably the most boring topic in the world.
FAP: but if you can bring passion and excitement to it, you can crank out over 400 episodes about it and not lose interest.
FAP: podcasting can change the world.
FAP: that’s the other persistent belief.
FAP: it has already, in a lot of ways.
A section of an IM exchange between Christopher S Penn and a student doing a paper on podcasting. Read the full message here.
Have you created a podcast yet?
Have you listened to one?
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