Sunday, December 24, 2006

A governor, or a governor in name only?

Laying the foundation of a presidential candidacy, Governor Mitt Romney has spent all or part of 212 days outside Massachusetts so far in 2006, an average of more than four days on the road each week, a Globe review of his public schedules shows.
74 of those 212 days by my count (using the Globe's chart) are actually weekend days. So it might be stretching it a bit, to call it 212 days when some normal workers leave the state for the weekend. I can't fault the governor for that aspect.

However, when you take the weekend days off the 365 days in the year, he still was away 138 of the 260 weekdays (working days).

Hey Romney, I think the taxpayers are due a rebate on your salary!

By the way, if you do run for President, I'll be vocal against you. You are not a worthy candidate. You can simply let your Massachusetts record speak for itself!

Nice work Brian C Mooney! Read Brian's complete article here. (free registration required)

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