Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving preparations

The girls arrived home last night and promptly re-arranged the magnets. Who knew that there was a predefined order for their arrangement? A new picture will be posted sometime.

Ze Frank has some advice on preparing to go home for the holidays. I love how he works in multiple messages in the same story line.

Rocketboom reminds us that not all is well in this world. The plight of the Somalia refugees is heart rending.


  1. Hey Steve, Daughters, don't they just make you want to give them a noogie rub - as in the Three Stooges - you know, where Moe grabs Curly in a head lock and, well, proceeds to give him a noogie rub :-)

    We're in Mobile, Alabama, visiting Rosemary's brother for T-Giving - my most favorite holiday.

    The very best to you, your wife and the girls!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Steve, to you and yours.