Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quotes & Links

From Karen Wallace writing at The Clearing Space Sanctuary from way down under in Brisbane comes this gem:
The more you notice the little things, the more you will notice that there are little things to notice.
Read her full posting and then explore the Clearing Space world. Follow a link or two. There is so much there.
From Anastasia writing at Totally Wired comes this:
I was reading this Associated Press story in USA Today about how the music industry is suing a mom for her teens' illegal downloading of over 1K songs. Personally I think these types of lawsuits only make the industry look like a big bully, but that's not the point of this post. The judge in the case called mom an "Internet illiterate parent" and now the recording industry is going after her two teens (one is 16, the other is now 20).
Want to read more about internet illiterate parents? Read the full posting here.
Thanks to David Rothacker for the pointer.
From Jonathan writing at Bemsha Swing comes this:
... poetry is situated within a wide range between relatively unmusical speech (I say relatively because speech is always musical) and a kind of relatively nonverbal music ("relatively" because music always seems a form of speech; it always seems to be saying something even when it is instrumental.)
This is along the lines of my "Fire Circle Story". Read all of Jonathan's post here.
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1 comment:

  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks so much for the link - you've made my Sunday morning!

    Isn't it always the little things that mean the most, at the end of the day?

    I'm off to follow your link on internet illiterate parents - just the title is enough to make me worry I am one!