Monday, February 27, 2006

Home again

The road was kind to us. The wind was either at our back or cutting across us all the way home. Sometimes pushing the car to the side. Needed to pay attention. Fortunately little traffic to interfere with the cruise control, mostly manual as the grades on some of the hills would cause the engine to rev. One of the problems with cruise control, otherwise it is great for long rides on mostly level surfaces.
The wind did some interesting things on the way down. Caught sight of quite of few mini swirls. The snow so delicately floating up and away.
The most unusual thing seen was one stretch approx 100 meter long, the snow was being blown across the road so that it covered the road but stayed above the road about an inch. Like a sheet blown perfectly flat out in the wind stretched across the road dissipating as the car drove through. Never saw the likes of it before.
More music of course... more on that later...
PS - the temp was a balmy 26 degrees F here in Franklin when we arrived. It feels good!
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