Monday, February 20, 2006

Chris Bailey's new site look

I wanted to leave a comment on Chris's new site but it doesn't seem to take comments unless you enroll. I did request an account a couple of hours ago and the email has still not arrived. So the usability of this new site is being tested as we speak.

Updated: Chris did make some changes to the site to correct the commenting error.

Otherwise, this is what I wanted to say:
Having just changed template myself, I can begin to appreciate what you have taken on. I am not sure my limited geekiness will allow exploration of Drupal but this layout looks good, so kudos to you. I hope it makes the work behind it easier for you. Good luck with it!

Check out Chris's new site!


  1. Hi Steve, sorry about the problems in commenting. I didn't want to make it absolutely necessary to enroll in order to comment so I made a slight adjustment to the admin rights. I'll definitely be relying on visitors to help me troubleshoot problems and suggest improvements. Cheers! Chris

  2. Wow! Awesome new look, Steve! And Chris!