Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday - weekend recap

Daylight is disappearing here in MA. I can catch a whiff of the chicken roasting in the oven as it drifts up the stairs to my study. I am getting hungry. It is a good thing dinner will be on time. I have the duty to do Sunday dinner. Dolores spends the afternoon with the weekly laundry and her kindergarten lesson plans for the week ahead. I like to eat and fortunately also love to cook!

I have been balancing my cooking duties with reading and writing this afternoon.

Good run this morning.

Good movie On-demand last night.

Good news came in the mail for Carolyn yesterday. St Anselm's came through with an acceptence letter and a scholarship offer. Way to go, Carolyn!

To bring you up to speed on this front, she has been accepted at four places now (also at St Michael's, Northeastern, and Westfield St). St A's has been the only one thus far to provide any financial inducements. Carolyn's choice will be tougher as she seems to be getting in where she applied. We'll need to schedule some campus visits to help her decide.

Reading to do later.

I hope your weekend was good!

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