Sunday, January 15, 2006

Quotes & Links - Jory DesJardins

From Jory Des Jardins at Pause comes this good word smithing
Hell if I ever make it through a long article--I click on a link and end up in a virtual Choose Your Own Adventure Story--I know a lot more about things I never planned to know before approaching the article, but I cannot tell you what the original article was about. I get lost in parking lots; how am I supposed to remember my way back to an original article?
Also from Jory comes this gem of an insight  (yes, I have been neglecting Jory and needed to catch up with her)
Rather, flow is an internal achievement, a state of being that renders any outcome irrelevant. From this exalted, selfless state of love for the task at hand and detachment from what you'll get out of it, the universe provides favorable outcomes.

So this woo woo dude catching beach balls was actually on to something. He recognized what I couldn't, what I strained to understand. He realized that flow cannot be turned on at will; it's always on. But it must be accessed; it must be honored. And--this is the tough one for people to grasp--it is NOT in your control.

and finally, continuing her writing on Flow:
There is no singular "formula," but I can offer my observations of what attracts it.
And then she lists the following:
  1. positive intention
  2. honest intention
  3. simplicity
  4. forgetfulness
  5. quit asking
  6. kind not boastful
  7. really good sex
Yes, you'll want to read her full posting to get all the details!
After reading this, I could only comment "rite on, right on, write on!"
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