Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Quick updates

It is frigid here. 4 degrees this morning on the back porch and should be like this again tomorrow morning. Brrr!

About noon today picked up an email at work from someone who had a question on a process and how a particular situation should be handled. I answered the question and as I re-read the email before replying, noticed one of the names of the people in the story was someone I thought I knew. I looked her up in the directory, gave her a call and sure enough, it was the same one who had hired me into the company. She had left shortly after I started to take care of her young children and do work consulting. The kids are in school now so she is back full time. Small world!

Picked up Allison at Assumption to bring her home for the holidays. As she is taking a bunch of art classes, we have art work to bring home. One of which almost didn't fit inside the van. It would have had a cold ride on the roof!

When we got home, we found that Carolyn had gotten some good news. Her first college acceptance letter arrived from St Michael's. There are still a few more to hear from before she decides where she'll end up (of course, the financial part is an important factor) but it is good to get the first one. Congratulations, Carolyn! It doesn't feel so cold anymore.

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