Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bard's Eye View

Oh, if only more teachers took this approach to Shakespeare there might be a few more who would appreciate the turn of a phrase as much as a turn of an ankle.

Yes, I confess to being a nut about Shakespeare. See that beard! Bet you did not know that I grew it (in my younger days) to trod the boards as Lord Northumberland. I did. I grew it to hid my youthful chin. To look the old and distinguished gentlemen that the Lord was supposed to be. The beard came slowly during the fall and winter of senior year at Assumption College, the performance was in the spring. I did not have a heavy beard so I took the time to make sure it was worthy. It came off (at my mother's wish) for graduation in May of 1976 and has been back ever since. My wife and daughters, indeed amongst many people who know me, have never seen me without it except for pictures of the "before time".

But anyway, I spent part of this afternoon with Shakespeare in Love, one of my favorite movies. I had just received the DVD for my recent birthday. Carolyn was out working when we viewed it so she decided to see it this afternoon, and hey, this is what vacations are for! I had some things to finish up but inspired to complete them early, I did join her for the later part of it.

Still in a far off Elizabethan world, I came to Bloglines to find Jeremy's newest posting: Benvolio Deciphered. If you have seen the movie, you may recall that it is a play within a play set of course within Romeo and Juliet. The part here with Benvolio is not covered but still....

Oh, tis true, the stars are aligned!

But alas, someone calls.
I come anon.

Whilst I go, read bardseyeview!

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