Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Quotes & Links

From Anj at ?IC@TomorrowToday.Biz comes this insight:
If you read about the Eden Project you will see that it’s a wonderfully collaborative environment. And that is what we need to foster - collaboration. Not a jockeying for power, position or wealth, but a way to share knowledge and resources - so that everyone’s small contribution adds upto a very big difference in many lives.
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From Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users comes this good posting
"Make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard." If designers followed that one clear principle, there'd be a lot more happy users. I'd get a lot more work done instead of struggling with a counterintuitive interface. Writing software would be easier because APIs would simply make sense, with less chance of blowing up at runtime. I could use my car stereo.

From David Pollard at How to Save the World comes this insight on the Miller/Plame story continuing to play out:
The very purpose of 'embedding' journalists is to elicit such groupthink, and both the NYT and Miller should have known that. Groupthink is excusable for us, perhaps, but not for a journalist. Embedding is simply an unacceptable and inexcusable limitation on journalistic freedoms, and no reputable newspaper should tolerate it, even if that means being 'scooped' on distorted news stories by refusing to be part of embedded teams. What were they thinking, to believe that somehow they would be immune to the propaganda such circumstances are designed to produce? Don't they teach this in journalism school?

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