Saturday, October 08, 2005

Quotes & Links

From Graeme posting at ?IC@TomorrowToday.Biz comes this piece on the knowledge worker:
“But what exactly is a knowledge worker?

Many people tend to confuse the term with any skilled or trained worker, especially in the ICT sector, but this is not the case.

The difference lies in the understanding of what knowledge, information, tasks and skills mean. Information only becomes knowledge when you can utilise it to add or create value for your work and organisation.

Similarly, a knowledge worker is more than just an informed, trained or skilled worker. A knowledge worker has the ability to deal innovatively with the skills, tasks, training or learning acquired and has the know-how to enhance or create new value for his work.

Read the full posting here.

From Joshilyn Jackson at Faster than Kudzu (via Mir at WouldaCouldaShoulda) comes the word for the day:

Oh we learn, we learn, we learn until we die. For example, I learned a new word last night. Callipygian. Say it with me...Cal,ee, PIDGE,un. Did you know that it means, "Having beautifully proportioned buttocks?" Hmm? Did you? Oh shut up, you did NOT.

Am I going to hell for getting tickled that the etymology of the word begins "from the Greek?" OR that the sentence in which chose to use the word is something like "the quest for the callipygian ideal?" Shut UP, I am NOT. Probably. Grail, Schmail, I am signing up for the tushie quest...Not sure how to begin. Just how would you QUEST for the loveliest buttocks? Probably in BARS. Bars that don't have enough seating.

Yes, callipygian... to make the word your own you must use it or lose it.
Read more from Joshilyn here.

From Jennifer Pohl at The Space Above the Couch
Some artists are observers; others reach into the collective unconscious and search for something like a half-remembered dream.

Definitely click through to see the art work!


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