Friday, April 08, 2005

Gee maybe that's why?

I am not as old as the study group reference in this posting by David Pescovitz on BoingBoing but I do like to go to bed with some classical music on the radio.

I use the sleep button which gives my 59 minutes of music before it shuts off.

It allows me to settle in and drift to sleep. My wife can be reading her book or stack of magazines with the light on and I'll still go to sleep easily.

With the music to concentrate on, I can zone out of the turning pages
and the light, and just drift away.

She doesn't like to read with music in the background but she tolerates it
as a trade off for my letting her read while I go to sleep.

Once she hears me sleeping, she turns the radio off.
She claims it usually takes all of 20 minutes or so.

I would have to agree.

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