Thursday, March 31, 2005

Robert Creeley - Passes on

Yes, Robert Creeley has left us. He lived a long and full life with a bunch of poetry published.

''There are two things to be said about Robert Creeley's poem," the critic John Simon once wrote. ''They are short; they are not short enough."

I am amongst those who liked the shortness of his poetry. He wrote in a normal everyday language more in the William Carlos Williams vein than in the T.S. Eliot literary reference vein.

I have only two of his books on my shelf. Some pages are marked with the corners turned down. Reviewing them now takes me back quickly to a time long ago. Life was so much different then. They do contain some memorable lines.

I'll post a couple of my favorites here. It may be an introduction to someone you had not read before. You can still read him. His legacy is such that he has left that behind for us.

Goodbye Robert!

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