Sunday, October 10, 2004

Getting Backwards posted by Seth Godin

Seth, I'll disagree with you on this idea of reducing costs in delivering service.

I have to agree with Daniel Burgin's posting:

The real issue here, I think is the execution of the Sprint's service delivery. There needs to be a balance struck when delivering customer service. The balance is between providing access to those contacts where you can truly add value to the exchange and those where the exchange costs more for the provider. Now the trick is to make this balance work for you (the service provider) without really making it obvious to the one who thinks they need to contact you. This is where the good customer experience should drive the process. Proper information needs to be on the home page, appropriate FAQs need to be handy, etc. And carefully positioned along the way, options for the user to opt out of this less costly method of delivery and make the direct contact to you. All of this comes from understanding the customer and what they want from you.

I like the summary on the trade offs listed in Mark Hurst's interview with Andre Haddad of eBay. For more on this you can read the full interview at

Bottom line: If you do not know your costs for delivering service to your customers, and manage the delivery of service to your customers accordingly, then you may not be around long enough to create a sustaining enterprise.

Thanks for starting the discussion!

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