Sunday, September 19, 2004

Seth Godin on Respect

You got it correct Seth! It is not just marketers who have lost our trust. Unfortunately, the list is getting longer… the Catholic Church leadership, business CEO’s, government officials, entertainment personalities… you can probably add a few.

So how do we turn this around? One person and one transaction or interaction at a time. It will be slow and tedious but it needs to be done. Start today!

PS - While it is Seth's last FASTCompany column, I expect he will continue to post on his blog and continue to express himself in other media. I will miss turning finding him in the FASTCompany pages but I expect I will find him. Note: I have added his blog as a link on my site.

PS2 - By listing the various entities that are lacking in trust these days, I do not mean to through all the people in those roles under the bus. There are fine folks holding the fort on trust in each of these roles.

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